Unlock New Opportunities with HC Licence Training at Core Driving School

Discover new opportunities with HC Licence training at Core Driving School. Our Australian-based program equips you with the skills and confidence needed to operate heavy combination vehicles. Gain hands-on experience under the guidance of expert instructors, ensuring you have prepared well for the HC Licence assessment.

Unlock a rewarding career in the transport industry with our comprehensive curriculum and state-of-the-art facilities. Join Core Driving School today and take the first step towards a successful future on the road.

HC Truck Licence Program: Your Path to Heavy Vehicle Success

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Embark on your journey to heavy vehicle success with our HC Truck Licence Program at Core Driving School. Furthermore, our Australian-based training equips you with the necessary skills and knowledge to confidently handle heavy combination vehicles. Moreover, led by experienced instructors, our hands-on approach ensures you prepare well for the HC truck licence assessment. Additionally, our comprehensive curriculum covers all aspects of safe and efficient truck driving, enabling you to pursue a rewarding career in the transport industry. So, take the first step towards professional success and enrol in our HC Truck Licence Program today.

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Master Heavy Combination Truck Driving Skills

Master heavy combination truck driving skills with Core Driving School’s comprehensive training program in Australia. Firstly, our hands-on approach, led by experienced instructors, ensures to fully equip you to handle heavy combination trucks with confidence. Additionally, from AQF-certified courses to HVCBA training, we cover all aspects of your learning journey. Moreover, our Final Competency Assessment evaluates your proficiency, preparing you for a successful career in heavy-combination truck driving. Lastly, join Core Driving School today and elevate your expertise behind the wheel.

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How to Obtain an HC Licence in Australia

  • Obtain a valid car (C class) driver’s licence.
  • Hold the car licence for a minimum of 12 months (required in most states).
  • Meet the medical and eyesight requirements for a heavy vehicle licence.
  • Enrol in an accredited HC licence training course with a registered training organization (RTO).
  • Attend the training program to learn the necessary skills and knowledge for operating heavy combination vehicles.
  • Pass the HC knowledge test, which assesses your understanding of heavy vehicle rules and regulations.
  • Complete the required number of driving hours and practice with an HC learner driver’s licence.
  • Undertake the HC licence practical driving test, demonstrating your ability to drive a heavy combination vehicle safely.
  • Upon successful completion of the test, apply for your HC licence at your local driver licensing centre.
  • Pay the necessary fees and receive your HC licence, allowing you to legally drive heavy combination trucks on Australian roads.

Core Driving School – Your Accredited Source for Heavy Combination Truck Licence

Core Driving School is your premier choice for obtaining a heavy combination truck licence in Australia. Additionally, as an accredited training provider, we offer comprehensive HVCBA courses that equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel.

Furthermore, our experienced instructors guide you through hands-on training, ensuring you can fully prepare for the heavy combination truck licence assessment. So, join Core Driving School and take the first step towards a successful career in heavy vehicle operation.

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HC Licence Course Objectives

Course Objectives

  • Pre-operational vehicle checks and examinations
  • Launch, drive, place, manage and stop the vehicle correctly.
  • Optimise engine power to save gear and engine wear.
  • Rotate the vehicle while maintaining vision and positioning it precisely.
  • Park, turn off and secure the truck correctly.
  • Identify and avoid risks with ease (defensive driving)
  • Load the truck safely and utilise the best load restraint mechanism available

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Heavy Vehicle Knowledge Test & Driver Manuals
Frequently Asked Questions on HC Licence Training

A Heavy Combination licence is required for individuals to drive heavy combination vehicles with trailers weighing over 9 tons. Additionally, it requires completing training and passing a driving test.

To get one from Core Driving School, individuals must go through training, pass tests and assessments, and meet specific requirements in their location.

You need to meet specific requirements such as being at least 18 years old, having a valid car driver’s licence, passing medical and knowledge tests, passing a practical driving test, and paying fees.

Additionally, professional training is also recommended for operating heavy combination vehicles.

Furthermore, the requirements may vary depending on country regulations.

Core Driving School offers two packages for obtaining an HC licence. The Basic Package includes 10 hours of driving lessons, a road test preparation lesson, and access to the Student Portal. On the other hand, the Deluxe Package includes 20 hours of driving lessons, two road test preparation lessons, and access to the Student Portal.

Core Driving School offers training and courses for individuals to obtain an HC licence, even without prior experience. Additionally, they provide comprehensive instruction, including theory and practical training, to prepare students for the HC licence test. Moreover, experienced instructors guide students throughout the process.

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