(TLILIC2015) – Licence to drive a medium rigid vehicle

Our medium rigid truck licence course focuses on the key principles of handing a medium rigid truck safely and competently. Our accredited course provides fundamental skills as well as the necessary safety courses for safe operation of MR vehicles and defensive driving skills. The MR licence course is one of our most popular courses and we run them 7 days a week and offer flexible training hours.

Medium Rigid Licence applies to:

  • All medium rigid trucks and buses with a gross vehicle mass above 8 tonnes and with two axles.
  • Any towed trailer must not weigh more than 9 tonnes.

The Medium Rigid Licence course involves training in both the theoretical and practical criteria as required under the AQF and HVCBA. It also includes the final competency assessment. Courses can generally be completed in one day unless a student requires a little more time working on a particular skill. At Core Driving School it is our goal to ensure all students are equipped with all the necessary skills required to pass their assessment with confidence.

Under AQF and HVCBA, drivers are assessed against specific criteria relating to the safe operation of heavy vehicles. The assessment is then conducted under a range of conditions. The assessor must be accredited by the Transport for NSW and meet requirement under AQF and HVCBA, so that your training and assessment are conducted by different assessors. At Core Driving School we look after this for you and ensure that the assessor that delivers your training will not be the same assessor that conducts your Final Competency Assessment.

To be eligible to attend the MR Licence course you must;

  • Have held a class C licence (except a Learner licence) or equivalent for one year or more.

Please note that any time spent on a P1 licence counts towards the year total however you are unable to practice on an LR vehicle or obtain an LR licence until you hold a P2 or full class C licence.

In order to attend a Medium Rigid Licence course you must first attend an Service NSW office in person and;

  • Provide a completed Licence Application Form
  • Provide acceptable proof of identity
  • Pass an eyesight test
  • Provide a medical report (if applicable)
  • Pass the MR knowledge test
  • Pay the appropriate fee.

You will then be issued with a Heavy Vehicle HVCBA Learner’s Log Book and a copy of the Guide to Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment. The guide will provide you with all the necessary information required regarding what tasks you need to complete in the training and your final assessment. All progress is recorded in your log book which shows your progress in developing the skills required to upgrade your licence. It is important that you keep your Log Book until you have passed your final assessment.

Once you have successfully completed your Final Competency Assessment you simply attend an Service NSW centre to be issued with your upgraded licence.

We offer all our courses in the Sydney, Penrith, Campbelltown, Newcastle, Central Coast and Wollongong regions. We offer flexible training hours, including early morning and in the afternoons to fit with your schedule. If you meet appropriate criteria and wish to obtain your Medium Rigid Licence, please call us on 1800 00 CORE or book online to ensure your place in our next MR course.

Medium Rigid MR Truck Licence

(MR) Medium Rigid Truck Licence