Core Driving School Offer All The Truck Licences

Whether you are seeking to drive a small truck or bus or a heavy duty or articulated vehicle, Core Driving School offers accredited training and assessment on truck licences. We operate seven days a week so you can schedule in your training around your work and lifestyle commitments and most courses are generally a one-day course and you are assessed by an accredited instructor who will conduct the Heavy Vehicle Competency-Based Assessment (HVCBA). It all depends on what type of career you are … [Read more...]

Multiple Truck Licence Variations

You might have heard of the Light Rigid heavy vehicle licence for smaller passenger buses or small trucks or you might know someone with a Heavy Rigid or Multi-Combination licence as they drive larger trucks and articulated vehicles such as bendy buses but there are more licences available to suit various requirements. The Light Rigid (LR) heavy vehicle licence is the one that provides you with the capability of driving buses such as the Toyota Coaster and small trucks with a Gross Vehicle Mass … [Read more...]

Gaining Your MC Truck Licence

If you have been thinking of driving a big truck for your next career move, gaining your Multi-Combination or MC Truck Licence is the first step. Beyond a Light Rigid, Medium Rigid or Heavy Rigid heavy vehicle licence, the MC Truck licence allows you to drive prime movers, low loader dolly trucks and low loader trailer combinations, road trains and B-Double vehicles. It is a licence for diversified driving! Before heading off to gain your MC Truck licence, it is wise to obtain your HC Licence … [Read more...]

The License with Core Driving School

Core Driving School offers a variety of heavy vehicle truck licencing courses and assessments so participants can obtain a Heavy Vehicle Licence to be allowed to undertake truck driving in Sydney. According to law, for a driver to get their Heavy Vehicle Licence in New South Wales, they must complete an accredited Heavy Vehicle Competency-Based Assessment. When looking for what type of truck license to obtain, it is important to know what type of vehicle you will be operating so you legally are … [Read more...]

Looking For An LR Truck Licence?

You’ve come to the right place: at Core Driving School, we offer a comprehensive one-day course for attaining your LR Truck Licence. As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), we operate from Sydney to Newcastle, the Central Coast, Campbelltown, Wollongong and Penrith and so wherever you are in between and around these areas, we can cater for you. Not only that, we are open seven days a week to accommodate you around your work and life commitments as we understand that not everyone is … [Read more...]

Keen To Get Moving Driving A Bus?

If you are thinking of entering the industry of bus driving whether it be for a school, a travel charter or for public transport, Core Driving School can help you gain your Bus Driver Authority Licence. As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in New South Wales and a Member of the Australian Driver Trainers Association, Core Driving School caters for clients from Sydney to Newcastle, Central Coast, Campbelltown, Wollongong and Penrith and in between. We are renowned for exceptional quality … [Read more...]

LR Licence

LR Licence

LR Licence with Core Truck Driving School, the light rigid truck licence is conducted 7 days per week at our Wetherill Park depot. At Core Driving School we work around your schedule, the LR Licence training can be done at anytime, however the Final Competency Assessment (FCA) can only be conducted from 7am-6pm at any day of the week. Our LR Licence vehicle is a newer model automatic 14 Seater Toyota Hiace. All our Vehicles have passed the HVCBA vehicle requirements checklist and … [Read more...]

Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment (HVCBA)

Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment (HVCBA) Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment (HVCBA), here is a list of the most important points about HVCBA. These points are explained in detail in your learner guide books or the RMS website as well. You can choose the Registered Training Organisation (RTO). You can choose to learn and be assessed in your own vehicle. You should keep your log book at all times until you have received your certificate of competency. You arrange … [Read more...]

HR Roadranger Truck Licence

HR Road Ranger Licence

HR Roadranger Truck Licence HR Roadranger Truck Licence is probable the toughest heavy vehicle licence upgrade you can do. At Core we specialise in the roadranger gearbox and its operations, this course is a minimum of 6 - 7 hrs to complete. The HR Roadranger Truck Licence upgrade involves completing up to 15 criterion's, the hardest criterion would be managing the gears. At Core Truck Driving School we conduct the HR Roadranger Truck Licence course 7 days a week and it usually starts at 6 am … [Read more...]

MR Licence

MR Licence

MR Licence MR Licence with Core Truck Driving School usually takes 1 day to complete as long as you are competed. MR Licence training course starts usually at 6 am and training ends around  midday 12 - 1 pm. The MR Licence training and assessment usually involves 13 - 14 criterion's if the training is conducted with a bus, a bus stop procedure would have to be assessed as well. BOOK NOW!!! Why Choose Core Truck Driving School for your MR Licence upgrade??? Core Truck Driving School is a … [Read more...]